Historic Fort York

The birthplace of Toronto
We are able to offer Historic Fort York as an ideal wedding or corporate venue. The Fort began in 1793 under the administration of the Lieutenant Governor Graves Simcoe. In the 1800's the Fort defended Toronto and Canada. Today, instead of fighting invaders, we offer formal wedding receptions for up to 120 guests in the Blue Barracks. Alternatively, you can have a back garden style tented wedding overlooking 7 acres of manicured lawns. To enhance the historical feel of a wedding our guard will drill in 1812 period red tunics and rifles. We could even fire one of the Fort's black powder cannons to celebrate your event.

  • Historic Fort York Toronto Venue
  • Historic Fort York Toronto Venue

Included here are several very economical menus, custom menus are always available. To emphasis the character of the venue, we can produce historical menus that are appealing to a modern audience.

A wedding at Historical Fort York will become a part of the history of Toronto.

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